editor & journalist

Meet our #CAPSULEmuse Gitana, who radiates curiosity and love for life and tells different, unforgettable stories every day with her modern outfits.


Gitana, tell us about yourself. How would you like to introduce yourself today?

I'm boringly constant: I've been married to the same man for over thirty years, and I've spent the same amount of time working my dream job, creating lifestyle and fashion magazines with my team. I've raised two kids, and I can't stop playing volleyball, which I got hooked on in sixth grade. 
I don't ever sit still, and I have to raise my wings at least once every couple of months to see how people live elsewhere. I'm pretty sure that the path to solving many problems is through the airport. 
That habit of exploring the world, which became my second nature during the long years of editing, has accompanied me throughout my life. 
I am currently taking a career break, investing, and in order not to lose my creative shape, I am taking on small projects related to my knowledge and experience.


What clothes do you like the most, and how do you come up with your outfit ideas?

I can't imagine myself with boring and uncomfortable shoes and a random handbag. Some would say I have too many of both. Fortunately, I wear everything I own as I combine new pieces with the clothes I already have. I really like such experiments as they help me to avoid looking like everyone else.

I can't imagine myself with boring and uncomfortable shoes and a random handbag. 



How do your activities and hobbies influence your style? Did your choice of clothing change when you changed jobs?

No matter the stage of life, I always come first, and only then come duties, social status, and everything else. I don't play dress code games. I'm still a sporty tomboyish girl with sneakers, jeans, and usually an oversized bag. Ribbons and romantic dresses are not for me, although I love looking at Simone Rocha's artworks. 
What I really like are impressive jewelry pieces. I wear diamonds comfortably with a T-shirt and jeans. To me, this is a great combination.



Your favorite piece from CAPSULE by Agne Gilyte. 

Shirts. I am a shirt woman, ready to collect them and wear them with everything. 

What is your attitude towards work-life balance? Is it necessary to work hard to have much?

Balance is key, no matter what you do! How much joy in life would I have lost if, among endless "deadlines", I had given up the opportunity to travel, participate in volleyball tournaments, or inhale dust on the rally track? 
At the end of the day, when you take some time off, you always come back to the office with a fresh perspective. You won't earn all the money (and you don't need to) even if you work twenty hours a day. St. Peter won't let you into heaven with a suitcase.
On the other hand, it is not wise to despise money as they help you purchase things you want. If not happiness, then psychotherapy; if not a house; then an apartment; if not health, then medicine; if not love, then a dress or a bouquet of flowers. So if you want to live, you have to work. And to think. Especially to think.