Agnė Gilytė's grandmother Despina, who has Greek roots, yet grew up in Lithuania

A woman who vibrates joy and happiness offers us her advice on life, relationships, raising kids and finding that sparkle every day.



What did you wear on your first date?

There wasn't much choice those days. You had one piece of clothing - you added a ribbon or a handkerchief and that was it. A good mood was much more important. During the first date, I was cowering, my whole body was shaking, whether there were flies or not - I don't remember anything, but I know I couldn't say a word.

What was the first year of marriage like?

The very best, a lot of nice words, a lot of attention. A lot of desire to touch each other, to see each other's eyes, even just to put a hand on the shoulder.

The secret of your smile?

Well.. it’s nice now, it's spring and that's enough for me. You know, I really like to say nice words, even while riding the trolley I dare to compliment a stranger - I never spare nice words. And that makes me smile.



How to raise a good person?

We all want them to find their true path, but the most important thing for me is valuing their lives. I may be out of date, but it seems to me that now too many people want to get rich, to have everything here and now, today, to bathe everywhere - in the sense of: wealth, luxury, beauty. However, when you are young, you don't think about the negative side - in those desires, you lose your health, you lose the joy of life. The most important and valuable thing is health, a good, honest inner state, respect for each other, and when children see such relationships between their parents in the family, I would say half the work is done.

And the second job is to pay more attention - at every step, whether he is crawling or standing up - if he wants to help you with something - let him, no matter if he does something different, if he causes trouble, no matter - let him. Maybe I'm talking more about myself here - in our time we didn't pay so much attention, there was no time, and I'm glad that parents today, despite their great desires, still find time for their children.

And I try to talk to my grandchildren very correctly from time to time - my first question always is 'can I talk to you openly?' - and I can already see from the expression on their face if I can talk, maybe he haven't eaten, maybe he’s tired. And I have to say, as time passes, the grandson says - "thanks, grandma, I'll think about it". In one word, there must be contact, conversations, and fellowship everywhere.



In one word, there must be contact, conversations, and fellowship everywhere.


What is the secret to longevity?

I have always said and I will say that a person who balances easily, it does not matter that he works hard, when pain and joy are nearby, then a lot of things appear in that person, which now remain only on paper, in words, and here in the heart, in the soul, not everyone has them. I am talking about compassion, to hear the other, to reach out, to help with anything - no matter what, if you know that someone is having a hard time with his health, if you can - leave your daily life, go and help at that moment, if you know that he is having a hard time, share, learn to really listen and help.