surgeon and thoughtful wardrobe owner

Meet our #CAPSULEmuse Urtė and the delicate balance in her wardrobe.

Although on a daily basis you are likely to see Urtė in a white surgeon's gown, there is no shortage of contrasts and colors in her wardrobe and in her life. From a meaningful mission in medicine to an active session in the water park, from "forest bathing" to passionate dancing in a Spanish music bar.

What do you do?

I’ve just become a doctor. After completing my master’s degree in medicine, I became a surgical resident. This work, helping people, brings a lot of meaning to my life. Performing surgeries and taking responsibility for other people's health is hard work, but I haven’t found a more meaningful one.

The first time I performed a gallbladder’s surgery, I cried like a child. What if I did something wrong, and what if the staple doesn't hold? The next morning, when I ran to the patient's ward and saw his smile, confirming that everything was fine, I felt a happiness I had never felt before.

While I am fully immersed in my work, after the work day is done, I understand that I am much more than medicine. That's when I start to fill my heart with my favorite activities: I walk in the parks with my dog Kopa, I do yoga, I listen to my favorite music surrounded by the smell of incense, I dance, and I breathe deeply so that tomorrow I can return to work with a full heart to take care of others.

What are your favorite pieces by CAPSULE by Agnė Gilytė?

Capsule.love shirts are my absolute favorites. White, blue, striped – all of them are high-quality and ready to serve every day and for special occasions. I simply love these types of clothes.