bohemian soul, vintage lover

Meet #CAPSULEmuse Samanta, a beautiful redhead, whose freedom is impossible to hide even in the most formal clothes.


Samantha, what stage of life are you in right now?

Now, I am fully immersed in India. I’m traveling, exploring and looking for fabrics to create something beautiful.

I’m very much inspired by people, communication, creative process and the attempts to create something magical. 

Šiuo metu skęstu Indijoje. Keliauju, tyrinėju ir ieškau audinių, svajodama į ką jie gali virsti. Tai mane įkvepia: vizijos, žmonės, bendravimas, kūryba, bandymas kurti stebuklą. 

I believe in myself and I’m always trying to find solutions even in the trickiest situations. This is something that love and self-confidence.



What are your favorite pieces by CAPSULE by Agnė Gilytė?

Without a single doubt, a black blazer NEW YORK. Once it was a little black dress, but these days I wear a black blazer with everything and it makes me really happy.


I also love shorts SALERNO & shirt LONDON as a perfect loungewear. For someone who dreams of spending all day in bed, this modern suit feels like the sheets made from clouds. It’s comfortable, stylish, effortless and versatile.


What type of clothes are in your closet?

And how do you choose them?I have a lot of dresses. I choose my clothes intuitively and make sure they will last a long time. I love rediscovering them in different outfits. I support the idea of sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe, I don't follow short-lived trends and I value exclusivity and originality in my wardrobe. Vintage also holds a very important place in my heart.

I choose my clothes intuitively and make sure they will last a long time. I love rediscovering them in different outfits.




Who had the greatest influence on your personal style?

My grandma. My mother. Uniqueness.

I was raised by my grandparents. 

As a couple, they were a real inspiration for me: my grandpa always wore a suit, and I always remember my grandma with dresses and curly hair. Even in the last years of her life, she looked stunning: always painted her lips, had an expressive wooden cane and gorgeous hairstyle. It gave me a sense of elegance, love for lightness, delicacy, femininity.

My mother was no less influential in helping me discover my style. She used to dress me up as a kid and her refined taste had no equal. That's how I fell in love with classic elements, enriched with my own twist. I would label my mother as the most tastefully dressed woman in my life.