Coowner of restaurants and culinary school

Meet #CAPSULEmuse Laura Čepukaite, who creates a business with her husband, raises three daughters, travels a lot and expertly maneuvers between basic and fancy wardrobe elements.


Laura, how would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Laura Čepukaitė. I realized that dreams come true when you know what you want. Nine years ago I quit my office job and tried to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.
When the answer came that it was a passion for food, everything changed. Currently, together with my husband, we manage several restaurants, as well as a private culinary academy, where we train professional chefs, organize cooking courses for foodies, and organize events on the topic of gastronomy.

It seems that food and the search for different tastes occupy a really important place in your life.

Really so!
Together with my husband, we travel a lot, often the purpose of the trip is simply to visit restaurants. Over the past eight years, we have already visited 90 Michelin-starred restaurants in various countries around the world.
For us, these experiences are like going to the theater: after all, we don't just eat, but each time we get a new experience, tasting different combinations of flavors and getting to know different culinary cultures through food.


Laura, how does your wardrobe respond to your lifestyle and activities?

Since I haven't worked in an office for a long time, my style is my mood. I have no obligations. I like colors and I leave black clothes for the evening.
My morning starts with taking the children to school, sports, so during the day I pay the most attention to comfort.
I choose something fancy for the evening, restaurants, theater or concert.
I have a separate compartment in my closet for gastronomic trips with my husband, and when I travel I always put one or two rows of smart casual or dressier clothes.


How has your approach to personal style and clothing changed over the years?

I notice that over the years I have less stuff, I value quality more. In autumn and spring, I basically renew my wardrobe with new things. By the way, my husband buys most of my clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry. I trust his taste and enjoy not having to go to stores or search for clothes online

I notice that over the years I have less stuff, I value quality more.


You seem to be living an intense, interesting life. How do you manage to balance work, family life and time for yourself? 

If you want to have time, you must know how to plan. Since we are raising three daughters, we plan ahead for trips with children, trips for two, and time for ourselves. For me, the best time for myself is reading books, doing sports, taking an afternoon nap, playing the piano or just listening to music. Life is a balance between routines, responsibilities and being able to live today.