A mentor who seamlessly blends business and spiritual realms

Meet our #CAPSULEmuse Džiuginta, whose inspiring wardrobe is full of soft, flattering and uplifting silhouettes.

Džiuginta, tell us more about what you do.

My activities are two-fold: first of all, I am passionate about the topics of women's self-worth and authentic leadership, helping them gain confidence and find meaning in their transformation.

Also, I help managers in a business organization to discover an authentic approach and create a vision of a living organization.

To do this, I use coaching, mentoring, and unique integral methods, thus combining many years of experience in exploring the business and spiritual worlds.

Describe your closet. What are the pieces we are likely to find in it?

I like elegance and class. My wardrobe has changed a lot over the past few years, and now it’s filled with light, flowy dresses and cozy loungewear. And let’s not forget the high heels.

What are your favorite pieces by CAPSULE by Agnė Gilytė?

At this moment, I am in love with the incredibly comfortable eco leather pants HELSINKI, green wool blazer PRATO, and, of course, the midnight blue dress FLORIDA that feels like silk.